Deluxe Cage 36"x 36"x 18" $250
36"x 24"x 18" $180
36"x 24"x 24"
We are happy to do custom orders upon request. Prices may vary depending on your
special needs.
Maternity Cage $60
Due to our inability to find cages built just for
chinchillas my husband and I have started to build
our own high quality homes. We only use 1x1/2"
wire for the exterior and all shelving and flooring
is made of 1/2x1/2" wire. All of our cages come with
a feeder and water bottle. We do not use ramps as
we believe that chinchillas were made for jumping
and believe ramps are dangerous. We can custom
build to most sizes but have 3 basic cages we build.
All of our cages are made with pull out trays for easy
cleaning and can be made with or without a wire floor
in the bottom.
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