If you have over 5 chinchillas
please write for bulk prices.
I wanted to let everyone know that as of March 27, 2016
I am needing to raise my prices for the second time in 20 years. I
apologies for the price change but my costs are now higher then
my prices. I will try to keep the price increase as reasonable and
limited as possible. Thank you for your understanding.
Water bottle & Hanger $9.00
16 oz bottle with rubber stopper
and metal hanger. Glass nozzle
for easy cleaning.
Top quality breeders dust to keep
your chin's fur soft and supple.
Dusting Box $7.00
Metal dusting box is easy
to clean.
Alfalfa Hay Cubes
Sweet green alfalfa hay cubes
full of nutrients and fiber.
$1.25 per lb.
Kline Pellets
Freshly milled every 3 months
for maximum nutritional value.
$1.50 per lb.
  1. Kessler Suppliment
A whole grain suppliment fortified
with vitamins and calcium for a
complete healthy diet.
$4.25 per lb.
At this time I am only able to accept personal checks or money orders.
If you will e-mail your wishes I will respond within 24 hours with your
total including shipping.

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