Terms of Payment
To hold the chinchilla of your choice a 50% non-refundable
deposit will be required. From the time that I'm given a definate
" Yes, I want this chinchilla." you will have 5 days to send me the
deposit or full payment or pick your chinchilla up. When I recieve
a verbal "Yes", I will then put a sale pending sign up with the date
by when moneys should arrive. If a deposit is sent then I will
change the date to give the buyer 30 days longer to pay for the
chinchilla in full. When a chinchilla has been paid in full then a
sold will be placed under the chinchilla. If the deposit is never
recieved or the additional payment does not arrive the chinchilla
will then be put back up for sale.
The deposit will be forfeited if the buyer is not heard from again.
If the timing is not right the deposit can be used toward the
purchase of another chinchilla within a 6 month time but this
courtesy will only be extended once and then complete forfeiture
of your moneys will occur.

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